A discussion on illegal downloading and its effects on economics

Writing Tips A cause and effect relationship means that one thing causes another one or that one thing is the effect of another one. Some cause and effect examples: Or, a breakup is the result of poor communication. And a really simple one—walking in the rain makes your clothes wet.

A discussion on illegal downloading and its effects on economics

Terminology[ edit ] The terms piracy and theft are often associated with copyright infringement. However, copyright is a type of intellectual propertyan area of law distinct from that which covers robbery or theft, offenses related only to tangible property.

A discussion on illegal downloading and its effects on economics

Not all copyright infringement results in commercial loss, and the U. Supreme Court ruled in that infringement does not easily equate with theft.

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Hotfile, where Judge Kathleen M. Williams granted a motion to deny the MPAA the usage of words whose appearance was primarily "pejorative". This list included the word "piracy", the use of which, the motion by the defense stated, serves no court purpose but to misguide and inflame the jury.

Prior to the Statute of Anne inthe Stationers' Company of London inreceived a Royal Charter giving the company a monopoly on publication and tasking it with enforcing the charter. Those who violated the charter were labelled pirates as early as In copyright law, infringement does not refer to theft of physical objects that take away the owner's possession, but an instance where a person exercises one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder without authorization.


United States that bootleg phonorecords did not constitute stolen property. Instead, "interference with copyright does not easily equate with theft, conversionor fraud.

The Copyright Act even employs a separate term of art to define one who misappropriates a copyright: The word itself had already been in use since the 16th century, referring to pirates, and meant "looting" or "plundering".

This form of the word — a portmanteau of " freeloading " and " bootlegging " — was suggested by YouTuber and podcaster Brady Haran in the podcast Hello Internet.

An alternative proposed by co-host CGP Grey is viewjacking. Some of the motives for engaging in copyright infringement are the following: For example, inthe US Army settled a lawsuit with Texas -based company Apptricity, which makes software that allows the army to track their soldiers in real time.

The statement occurred during the third year that the festival used the Internet to present its content, while it was the first year that it featured a showcase of content producers who work exclusively online.

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Cusumano further explained that downloading behavior is not merely conducted by people who merely want to obtain content for free: I think that if companies were willing to put that material out there, moving forward, consumers will follow. It's just that they [consumers] want to consume films online and they're ready to consume films that way and we're not necessarily offering them in that way.The ripple effect of illegal streaming and downloading places a significant burden on the government to alleviate the dent in the national GDP.

Indeed, the most natural defence to Internet piracy is innovation. In fact 95 percent of online music downloads are illegal, and the average mobile phone, iPod, or tablet contains $ worth of pirated content. Today, all content creators, including publishers, production studios, and record labels, suffer from piracy.

Posted by David Tucker to. Writing Tips; A cause and effect relationship means that one thing causes another one (or that one thing is the effect of another one).

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By , illegal digital downloading made up 95% of the global music download market, which explains the decline in music industry physical sales (IFPI, ).

Worldwide losses to the respective industries are around tens of billions of US dollars (Lysonski & Durvasula, ; Mckenzie, ). The incremental learning derives its name from the incremental nature of the learning process.

In incremental learning, all facets of knowledge receive a regular treatment, and there is a regular inflow of new knowledge that builds upon the past knowledge. A Discussion on Illegal Downloading and Its Effects on Economics PAGES 5.

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