An analysis of the topic of the article gender and ritual giving birth the american way by robbie e

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An analysis of the topic of the article gender and ritual giving birth the american way by robbie e

Part of this assignment will be to review one article for each discussion that is not included in the assigned reading. When it is your turn to be a discussion leader, I expect that you will spend sufficient time organizing your in-class presentation with the other members in your group.

Group members should participate equally in the oral presentation. You should do several things to prepare for your assigned weeks: Provide an oral summary and critical analysis of the assigned reading material.

Davis-Floyd, Robbie Elizabeth 1951-

Your summary should be thorough but succinct. You should prepare and distribute a brief summary of your comments to everyone in the seminar in the form of a BRIEF outline. This outline should be typed. Has the article generated new concepts or connections between concepts.

Has it strengthened support for previously suggested linkages among theoretical concepts? Has it shown that previously suggested linkages may be inappropriate?

Has it strengthened our ability to measure theoretical concepts or provided evidence to suggest that previously employed measures may be inappropriate?

Does it help explain why previously established relationships between concepts occur? Does the publication provide a more complete review or a clearer explanation of findings relevant to a particular area? Does it go beyond categorizing and reciting what has already been done to suggest further implications which should be investigated or weaknesses in past research which should be corrected?

Has the author s raised important questions? Does the work provide unique ways of viewing key controversies in the field? Does the study focus on an important question or set of questions?

What are the major conclusions? What is the quality of the measures that are used? What new questions does it raise? Does the author s have a clear thesis?

What is it and how does it advance our understanding of the relevant issues? What are the major strengths and weaknesses? Can you speak to how the book addresses possible gaps in the literature? How does it complement other writings in the area? What are some of the sociopolitical issues that shape the context within which the book was written?

Does it suggest controversial issues that need to be addressed? In what ways does it lay the groundwork for future theorizing, research, and social policies and related initiatives? Develop thought provoking questions for the class to discuss based on the readings for the week.

You must provide the other students in the class and me with a copy of these questions by Monday at 3: Each group is expected to find and provide me with one copy per group of a recent journal article or book chapter published since that is clearly relevant to the general topic for the week.

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If you have doubts, please ask me. The group should incorporate this material into the oral presentation, keeping in mind that the other class participants are unlikely to be familiar with this new material.

To provide you with opportunities to process the material and develop your ability to summarize and critique the readings. This procedure will ensure that you take a pro-active role in the class, it will encourage you to discover materials relevant to the course that are not part of the assigned readings, and it will facilitate group discussion.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will be challenged to develop your public speaking abilities in a friendly environment. These talents are essential to your career development.

This means that you should read all of the material and think about the discussion questions that will be distributed the day before each seminar.Birth As an American Rite of Passage, University of California Press ritual and gender studies, and the anthropology of science and technology. more discussion of mothering" but agreed with the author's "suspicion of technocratic values and can imagine the act of giving birth becoming an occasion for philosophical and political as well.

Explain the role of gender conversational rituals. Elaborate on the topic and share several ways you would have to adapt to gender differences in communication (give. When boys talk, they are defining status within the group (giving orders and then if those orders are taken, the status increases). An Analysis of the Topic of the Article Gender and Ritual Giving Birth the American Way by Robbie E.

Davis-Floyd PAGES 1.

An analysis of the topic of the article gender and ritual giving birth the american way by robbie e

WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. This article deals with childbirth in Japan, and the specific details of childbirth exclusive to Japan in relation to beliefs, attitudes and healthcare.

Part of the “Longman Topics&# reader series, Issues in Gender explores how gender roles operate in and through work, sexuality, Robbie E. “Gender and Ritual: Giving Birth the American Way.” Issues of Gender (A Longman Topics Reader). Hallmark features of Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Shows how gender is constructed and how instructors can apply what we have learned from feminist theory to an analysis of male gender roles and gender identity.

Gender and Ritual: Giving Birth the American Way, Robbie E.

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