Blue ocean strategy summary

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Blue ocean strategy summary

Try It Now Of the many strategic planning models that exist, the Blue Ocean Strategy could be considered the pacifist of Blue ocean strategy summary group. In short, avoid head-to-head competition and focus on innovation.

A company will have more success, fewer risks, and increased profits in a blue ocean market. Summary Of The Blue Ocean Strategy This strategic planning model is a departure from the typical management exercise that focuses on number crunching and competitive benchmarking.

Here are key points of the Blue Ocean Strategy: In contrast, Blue Ocean Strategy originated from a study that took place over 10 years and analyzed company successes and failures in more than 30 industries.

The competition is irrelevant. Instead, your aim is to redraw industry boundaries and operate within that new space, making the competition immaterial. Click To Tweet Differentiation and low cost can coexist.

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If a company can identify what consumers currently value and then rethink how to provide that value, differentiation and low cost can both be achieved.

The Blue Ocean Idea Index is part of the overarching strategy and lets companies test the commercial viability of ideas. This process helps refine ideas and identify opportunities with the most potential, minimizing risk. Here are a few organizations that successfully captured a blue-ocean market: While kids are still part of the target audience, the much higher ticket price guaranteed the primary customers would be adults.

Red Ocean Strategy

Cirque du Soleil did not attempt to be another circus with clowns and performing animals—its Blue Ocean Strategy completely reinvented the market. This company turned travel into something more challenging and engaging than the typical relaxing itinerary of an all-inclusive cruise or beach vacation.

Backroads expanded the industry to offer something novel: These meticulously designed, fitness-based trips include guides who take guests hiking, biking, camping, and more. ITunes has dominated this market space for years and is largely credited with driving the growth of digital music.

Advice On Implementing A Blue Ocean Strategy When you begin your strategic planningrecognizing the difference between a red and blue ocean may not be as easy as the colors would indicate.

Then look at what existing organizations are doing well or not so well to serve that market and determine how you can differentiate for example, by price point or audience.

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Use the above checklist as a guide through the process and hold internal brainstorming sessions for each point. Blue Ocean challenges companies to push the boundaries of their industries and offer consumers something unique of immense value.

Blue ocean strategy summary

By defining and seeing examples of the Blue Ocean Strategy, your organization can learn how to execute on this strategic planning model and successfully reconstruct your market.Aug 23,  · BuzzFeed's 16 Things No One Knows About The Ocean was full of flaws.

I set out to correct them and show that the truth is way better than fiction. The GE matrix / McKinsey matrix (MKM) is a model to perform a business portfolio analysis on the Strategic Business Units of a corporation..

A business portfolio is the collection of Strategic Business Units that make up a corporation. The optimal business portfolio is one that fits perfectly to the company's strengths and helps to exploit the most attractive industries or markets. Appendix A: Three Industries with Blue Ocean Creation.

This is a good time in this Blue Ocean Strategy summary to cover 3 industries with repeated blue ocean creation.. Automobile Industry. In the s, the horse and buggy was the primary mode of transportation. Challenge and rethink all the factors an industry competes on and invests in and learn to push for a quantum leap in value using blue ocean shift.

Blue Ocean strategy in practice "Just think of its initial blue ocean shift in book retailing that separated it from the pack with its offering of the largest selection of books in the world. USS Blue Ridge (LCC) is the lead ship of the two Blue Ridge-class amphibious command ships of the United States Navy, and is the command ship of the United States Seventh primary role is to provide command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) support to the commander and staff of the United States Seventh Fleet.

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