Deployment of keystone pipeline system essay

The pipeline would carry oil 1,km from the Alberta tar sands through a pipeline to the coast of Kitimat, BC, where it would be loaded onto giant oil tankers for transport to various markets Environmental Issues, Though it was proposed inthe project is still in anticipation of official approval from the U.

Deployment of keystone pipeline system essay

By Raindog on March 8, at 2: What do you think about the role that CNG vehicles might play in the next ten years? Can you compare the environmental footprint of a CNG vehicle that burns gas directly versus an electric vehicle that uses electricity produced from gas? Actually maybe an EV is more efficient.

But the advantage of the EV is that you can use electricity from any source, including renewable energy. The disadvantage is the range limitation and battery raw materials needed to build the EV. A few years ago, if you looked up the EROEI of oil sands, that is the number that you found but it was never referenced.

I was always a bit suspicious of it, because oil sands were being developed even when gas prices were higher, and I did not think a 3: I first calculated the 8: The purpose of the essay was merely to educate readers on the process, but actual industry gas usage numbers were presented.

The inputs and outputs came out to be 8: You have slid down the scale a bit more from conventional oil production, but you have not fallen off a cliff which is what 3: Then, I saw the numbers again a couple of years ago in a presentation by one of the companies extracting oil from there.

One of their slides consisted of a Hysys model, and they had their energy inputs and outputs there.

How Bitumen Gets to Market

Again, it came out to be about 8: I too never really fully understood the opposition to the Keystone pipeline. The US has to get its oil from somewhere, it may as well be from Canada.

Of course one could argue that the pipeline would just be another excuse to continue down the BAU trajectory and not deal with the immediate need to develop alternatives ASAP, which I guess is a reasonable argument.

Deployment of keystone pipeline system essay

I have seen estimates ranging from 3 to 8. Based on my data I think it is about 5: But we also have to factor in the additional energy besides just extracting the oil sand and upgrading it to SCO.

It also needs to be transported, then further refined into final products. Here are mine leading to about 5:Troop deployment creates tense atmosphere on US border Jesse Quist was one of two winners in the "Breaking Barriers" essay contest. A large storm system moving through the Gulf Coast.

Keystone Pipeline Policy Paper Keystone XL Pipeline The TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline is at the center of the environmental debate in North. Nov 08,  · Venezuela Food Security Speech World Vision is an international aid organisation and in my role for this organisation I have been assigned the country of Venezuela to work in partnership with the community to reduce food insecurity.

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”arp1″] Select from one of the following major projects: 1. Construction of the tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa 2. Construction of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta 3.

Construction of the New Orleans levee improvements after hurricane Katrina 4. Deployment of the Keystone Pipeline System 5. The Keystone XL pipeline has been at the forefront of the U.S.

environmental debate in recent months. Should the pipeline be approved by the U.S. government, it is to transport daily up to , barrels of tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, all the way down to refineries in Texas and the Gulf Coast.

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