Different types of business reports smugglers

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Different types of business reports smugglers

The Afghan travellers were easy to find. They stand in line for ad hoc distributions, they chat, sleep and wait for word from their smugglers.

Afghan Exodus: The re-emergence of smugglers along the Balkan route | Afghanistan Analysts Network

The area is in downtown Belgrade, in the historical Savamala neighbourhood, close to the river Sava. The park directly adjacent to the bus station is where many Afghan and Syrian migrants are dropped off after having crossed the Bulgarian-Serbian or Macedonian-Serbian border, often in minibuses organised by smugglers.

The main attraction in this park is the Info Park wooden shack, different types of business reports smugglers by the philanthropic organisation Foundation B92, which provides free Wifi, a charging station for mobile phones and, increasingly, free meals and other aid.

The main attraction in this park seems to be a small hamburger kiosk in the corner, where smugglers hold court in the late afternoons and early evenings.

different types of business reports smugglers

The park is also the place from where onward travel to the Hungarian border is organised. Or, in the words of one young man from Jalalabad: I was told about the Afghan Park when I was still in Bulgaria. So when we arrived here, we just sat down and waited.

The PCO appears to play an important role in the communication between migrants and the original smugglers in Afghanistan, with migrants phoning in to find out whether they are leaving or not.

According to a volunteer at Info Park, there has been a noted increase in the presence of smugglers in the parks since Marchwhich coincided with the closure of the Balkan corridor.

different types of business reports smugglers

For details on the policies that led to the opening and closure of the corridor, see the first dispatch here ; for an explanation of how this played out in Serbia see the second dispatch here. Routes, travels and hardships Most of the Afghan migrants are young men who often set out alone and who are referred to as mojarad a word usually used to describe a bachelor.

By the time they arrive in Serbia, many of them have teamed up with others and are travelling in pairs or small groups. Some appeared to have been adopted by families, particularly families without young adult men of their own.

This may have been for protection, but it is also possible the families meant to help the young men by allowing them to pose as relatives, so they can cross the Hungarian border, where currently only families — and very few — are let through. Most of them had taken the Aegean route, by boat from Turkey to one of the Greek islands, counting on the fact that they would be let into Macedonia and then transported by bus and train onwards into the EU.

When the Balkan corridor closed in Marchthey found themselves stranded. Most of them had been travelling for a long time when AAN spoke to them — generally between five to twelve months — and had only just managed to make their way into Serbia.

A young man from Herat who was travelling with his wife they had lived in Iran for a long time and started their journey from Tehran recounted: We paid 2, Euros per person to come to Greece and then 2, Euros per person to get to Hungary.

We have been travelling for eight months. It was a boat for children to play in, not a proper one. We really gambled with our lives. Later, a boat with 60 people on it was lost. Four relatives of one of my friends died. For 20 days it was still open for Arabs, but not for us.

We stayed in tents on the Greek border before we could travel on. A couple who said they had travelled directly from Kunduz but who had also clearly lived in Iran for several years were similarly unlucky. Two days after we arrived in Greece, the border with Macedonia was closed.

It was in the vicinity of the capital city, but not that close.From smugglers to supermarkets: the 'informal economy' touches us all their business, the experience of being a smuggler in the 21st century. the economies we find around us look different. Subscribe today to be the first to to know about breaking news and special reports.

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