Diocese of borongan history

On June 19,the island of Samar was politically divided and the province of Eastern Samar was born. Thus the island of Samar now has three dioceses, following its political division: The Diocese of Borongan is divided into three regions, each consisting of 2 vicariates.

Diocese of borongan history

Pedernal, DD, a saintly bishop The original text of the talk delivered by the author in Samarenyo [or Binisaya] language to the delegates to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Diocese of Borongan at the Borongan Cathedral on October 22,8: The people in the eastern littorals, on the other hand, were evangelized by Jesuits from Catubig and, Diocese of borongan history, Palapag as early as In spreading the Christian religion, the missionaries initiated the reduccion of the population and founded towns, educated the inhabitants in the faith, raised stone churches, taught agriculture, and protected the faithful from Muslim raids.

On the whole, there was no stiff opposition to the reception of Catholic faith. After half a century, however, the mission suffered a major setback in the Sumuroy rebellion in When the Jesuits moved out inthe Franciscans took over the parishes that the former had created save for Guiuan and Balangiga which were briefly administered by Augustinians.

The major problems that they faced were largely the same: These parishes, together with those founded by the Jesuits, all twelve of them, constituted the Vicariate of the Eastern Coast of Samar, under the Diocese of Cebu.

In terms of orthodoxy, however, they found a big challenge in the influential but heretical teachings of Don Gaspar de Guerrero. In fact, the Spanish friars resigned from their posts. But at the same time, many people, including a number of Filipino priests, suffered from American ill-treatment.

Though Lukban was captured inpeace never reigned; in the fierce war of the Philippine scouts with the local freedom-fighters, the Pulajanes, the latter practically controlled the island untilleaving much suffering in its wake. On April 10,the Estehanons became part of the Diocese of Calbayog, when the island of Samar was separated from the Diocese of Cebu.

Protestantism, American education system, and American culture became a challenge. Several Franciscans returned to work in the parishes. Partly to counteract the spread of Protestantism, a Catholic school was established in Guiuan inas was done in other towns of the island.

During World War II, which displaced, decimated and impoverished the Estehanons, some priests aided Filipino guerillas. After the war, the following parishes on the eastern part of the island were created, now all under Filipino priests: Catechesis in elementary school was engaged in by almost all parishes.

The minor seminary, Seminario de Jesus Nazareno, was formally inaugurated in Partly to halt the inroads of Protestantism in parishes, and in compliance with the First Plenary Council of the Philippines, diocesan schools, managed by diocesan priests, were also established: Cooperatives and credit unions in parishes were organized.

With the closing of the Second Vatican Council, the Diocese moved toward the implementation of some conciliar decrees.

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Inthe Cursillo de Cristianidad became popular in the renewal of Christian faith and life, but the movement that penetrated the common people both in the poblaciones and the barrios was the Barangay han Birhen.

To involve the laity, pastoral councils were organized in several parishes as early as It was in the s until the early 80s that the faithful in the Diocese, including the clergy, were confronted with the problems spawned by Martial Law: In the 80s, population declined.

The clergy tried to respond concretely to these problems. The diocesan thrust, following the response of the Philippine Church, was development and liberation. Developmental projects were pursued, especially for farmers and fisher folk.

On December 5,the Diocese became confined to the civil province of Eastern Samar, when some of its parishes were ceded to the new diocese of Catarman. Only one parish was added in the 70s: They appeared to have put a break to the spread of Fundamentalism and Pentecostalism.

Lay ministries were introduced. New parishes were born: Several religious congregations, each with its own apostolate, enriched the pastoral ministry: The Nativity of Our Lady College Seminary was established to form seminarians in the local context.

Its diocesan pastoral plan was formulated inalmost decade after the synod, supposedly to culminate in the golden anniversary of the diocese, but it has yet to see its implementation phase. The Daughters of Charity DC handled the program for 10 yearsand several other communities sprouted in various parishes after they left.

In its year history, the Diocese of Borongan was governed by nine Ordinaries: Compared with other dioceses, Borongan may be categorized as economically poor. In terms of personnel who co-work with the Ordinary in serving the People of God, the diocese has 89 priests.

Of the 58 working in it, 5 are religious, and 54 were ordained for the diocese. Of the 29 who are outside the diocese, 10 are in Manila and suburbs, 16 are in the US, 1 in Canada, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Italy.Browse through the largest database of Updated Catholic Diocese and Archdiocese.

Diocese of borongan history

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Canonical Erection as Diocese March 27, Canonical Erection as Archdiocese February 14, Titular Our Lord’s Transfiguration. B y an accident of history, Leyte was the scene of the First mass in the Philippines.

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