Gangs are bad

Home Trend Why are Gangs Bad? Why are Gangs Bad? There are many reasons why gangs are bad for society, but the main one is that they promote violence to get what they need. Many of them have been around for a long time, but more and more come around each year because old gangs break up and the old members start new ones.

Gangs are bad

Miller defines a street gang as "a self-formed association of peers, united by mutual interests, with identifiable leadership and internal organization, who act collectively or as individuals to achieve specific purposes, including the conduct of illegal activity and control of a particular territory, facility, or enterprise.

The structure of gangs varies depending primarily on size, which can range from five or ten to thousands.

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Many of the larger gangs break up into smaller groups, cliques or sub-sets. The cliques typically bring more territory to a gang as they expand and recruit new members. Most gangs operate informally with leadership falling to whomever takes control; others have distinct leadership and are highly structured, which resembles more or less a business or corporation.

Prison gangs are groups in prison or correctional institution [39] for mutual protection and advancement. Prison gangs often have several "affiliates" or "chapters" in different state prison systems that branch out due to the movement or transfer of their members.

The study neither War nor Peace: International Comparisons of Children and Youth in Organized Armed Violence studied ten cities worldwide and found that in eight of them, "street gangs had strong links to prison gangs".

Although the majority of gang leaders from Chicago are now incarcerated, most of those leaders continue to manage their gangs from within prison. During the s, prison gangs in Cape TownSouth Africa began recruiting street gang members from outside and helped increase associations between prison and street gangs.

In many jurisdictions, this person is likely a prison gang member calling the shots from within the prison system or is on parole. These desires are very influential in attracting individuals to join gangs, and their influence is particularly strong on at-risk youth. Such individuals are often experiencing low levels of these various factors in their own lives, feeling ostracized from their community and lacking social support.

Upon joining a gang, they instantly gain a feeling of belonging and identity; they are surrounded with individuals whom they can relate to. They have generally grown up in the same area as one another and can bond over similar needs.

In some areas, joining a gang is an integrated part of the growing-up process. Gang defectors are often subject to retaliation from the deserted gang. Many gangs, including foreign and transnational gangs, hold that the only way to leave the gang is through death.

This is sometimes informally called the "morgue rule". In addition, when together, the gang criminality as a whole is greater than that of its members when they are alone. Some states have a formal process to establish that a person is a member of a gang, called validation.

Once a person is validated as a gang member, the person is subject to increased sentences, harsher punishments such as solitary confinement and more restrictive parole rules. To validate a person as a gang member, the officials generally must provide evidence of several factors, such as tattoos, photographs, admissions, clothing, etc.

The legal requirements for validating a person are much lower than the requirements for convicting of a crime. A survey of Mexican American gang members and associates defined these categories as girlfriends, hoodrats, good girls, and relatives. Hoodrats are seen as being promiscuous and heavy drug and alcohol users.

Gang members may engage in casual sex with these girls, but they are not viewed as potential longterm partners and are severely stigmatized by both men and women in gang culture.

Good girls are long term friends of members, often from childhood, and relatives are typically sisters or cousins.11 Facts About Gangs Welcome to, a global movement of 6 million young people making positive change, online and off!

The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. Some 33, violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs are criminally active in the U.S. today. Many are sophisticated and well organized; all use violence to control neighborhoods.

Gangs can be organized based upon race, ethnicity, territory, or money-making activities, and are generally made up of members ages 8 to Members of gangs wear specific articles of clothing to be recognized as part of the group such as bandanas, hats, scarves of .

10 Most Dangerous Gangs In The World

When you are in a gang you are simply property to the politics of the gang. You are a pawn in a game of human chess. You are a tool. Being in a gang is nothing but trouble, and it is the easy way.

There are so many cons and very few pros. There are so many convicts and very few professionals. Check out 10 most dangerous gangs in the world.

Gangs are bad

10 – Cosa Nostra. Dang tht sucks gangs are bad so bad BUT WAIT WHT BOUT NWA G-UNIT AND STUFF LIKE THT WHT GANG DID FIDDY USE TO BE IN JK I’m jus messin. Reply. Noah January 3, Gangs fragment the society. I take the definition of a gang as a group of people with some negative objective.

Gangs are bad

When such people are alone, they are to the society like a single bacterium or virus to your body. The immune system can usually deal wi.

Gangs and Children