Gap inc strengths and weaknesses

This exercise provided an understanding of the TV viewer mindset and its role in programming choices, identified strategic audience segments in order to focus marketing and programming efforts and revealed compelling hooks to reinforce the station's identity and authority. Results This research helped identify consumer interest in this new service, preference for how to structure channel packages, and illustrated shifts in potential market share based on changing the available features. A custom market simulator was built which allowed the client to alter the bundle of features available and measure changes in potential market share as product development continued to progress. In this particular case, a magazine wanted to use this research data to:

Gap inc strengths and weaknesses

Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. Strengths and weaknesses The U. In the first decade of the 21st century, the economy was able to withstand a number of costly setbacks. These included the collapse of stock markets following an untenable run-up in technology shares, losses from corporate scandals, the September 11 attacks inwars in Afghanistan and Iraqthe devastation of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast near New Orleans inand the punishing economic downturn that became widely known as the Great Recessionwhich officially dated from December to June and was caused in part by a financial debacle related to subprime mortgages.

Businesses are free to hire or fire employees and open or close operations. Unlike the situation in many other countries, new products and innovative practices can be introduced with minimal bureaucratic delays. The government does, however, regulate various aspects of all U.

Federal agencies oversee worker safety and work conditions, air and water pollutionfood and prescription drug safety, transportation safety, and automotive fuel economy—to name just a few examples. The government also operates public health programs such as Medicaid for the poor and Medicare for the elderly.

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In an economy dominated by privately owned businesses, there are still some government-owned companies. These include the U. The federal government also influences economic activity in other ways. As a purchaser of goods, it exerts considerable leverage on certain sectors of the economy—most notably in the defense and aerospace industries.

It also implements antitrust laws to prevent companies from colluding on prices or monopolizing market shares. Despite its ability to weather economic shocks, in the earliest years of the 21st century the U.

The country faces a chronic trade deficit; imports greatly outweigh the value of U. For many citizens, household incomes have effectively stagnated since the s, while indebtedness reached record levels. Rising energy prices made it more costly to run businesses, heat homes, and transport goods and people.

At the same time, the burgeoning federal budget deficit limited the amount of funding available for social programs. The most important source of tax revenue is the personal income tax accounting for roughly half of federal revenue.

Gross receipts from corporate income taxes yield a far smaller fraction about one-eighth of total federal receipts.

Gap inc strengths and weaknesses

Excise duties yield yet another small portion less than one-tenth of total federal revenue; however, individual states levy their own excise and sales taxes.

Federal excises rest heavily on alcohol, gasoline, and tobacco. Other sources of revenue include Medicare and Social Security payroll taxes which account for almost two-fifths of federal revenue and estate and gift taxes yielding only about 1 percent of the total.

Labour force With an unemployment rate that returned to the traditional level of roughly 5 percent per year following the higher rates that had resulted from the Great Recession, the U.

After peaking in the s, when 36 percent of American workers were enrolled in unionsunion membership at the beginning of the 21st century had fallen to less than 15 percent of U. The transformation in the late 20th century to a service-based economy changed the nature of labour unions.

Organizational efforts, once aimed primarily at manufacturing industries, are now focused on service industries. In three large labour unions broke their affiliation with the American Federation of Labor—Congress of Industrial Organizations AFL-CIOthe nationwide federation of unions, and formed a new federation, the Change to Win coalition, with the goal of reviving union influence in the labour market.

Although the freedom to strike is qualified with provisions requiring cooling-off periods and in some cases compulsory arbitration, major unions are able and sometimes willing to embark on long strikes. Advances in farm productivity stemming from mechanization and organizational changes in commercial farming have enabled a smaller labour force to produce greater quantities than ever before.

Improvements in yields have also resulted from the increased use of fertilizerspesticidesand herbicides and from changes in agricultural techniques such as irrigation. Among the most important crops are corn maizesoybeanswheatcottongrapesand potatoes.

Strengths and weaknesses

Harvesting corn on a farm near Alden, north-central Iowa. More than four-fifths of the trees harvested are softwoods such as Douglas fir and southern pine.

The major hardwood is oak. Fish for human consumption accounts for more than half of the tonnage landed. Shellfish account for less than one-fifth of the annual catch but for nearly half the total value. Less than one-fiftieth of the GDP comes from mining and quarrying, yet the United States is a leading producer of coalpetroleum, and some metals.

It relies on other countries for many energy sources—petroleum products in particular. The country is notable for its efficient use of natural resources, and it excels in transforming its resources into usable products.

Beginning in the s, horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing fracking of shale gas also grew in importance in states such as OhioPennsylvaniaand West Virginia.May 27,  · Strengths: Global brand recognition GAP is globally recognized as american style, pop culture and the emotional affinity.

Stores located in worldwide GAP has 3, stores in worldwide as of January 30, Apple’s retailing business remains a core part of its overall development strategy; its flagship stores (which are in the middle of a redesign) and its in-store service .

Since , ICI has been a leading bank and credit union advisor nationwide. ICI is a bank consulting firm that supports financial institutions by providing core processing assessments, gap analyses, vendor evaluations, contract negotiation and conversion services.

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Gap Inc. SWOT Analysis: Declining Sales and Profits Despite Strong Brand Portfolio Posted on October 25, by John Dudovskiy SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to organizations.

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