Jibo business presentation ppt

Maybe you were the author of a PowerPoint like that. This is a little unfair—usually people will throw in some clip art to jazz it up a little [visual:

Jibo business presentation ppt

Add a personal message: Sending your article By Scott Kirsner, Globe Columnist It has been quite a few years since I first heard that MIT Media Lab prof Cynthia Breazeal was working on a company to commercialize some of her work, which focuses on expressive robots that can interact naturally with humans.

But now it actually seems to be happening.

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There's no site yet, and Breazeal isn't talking, but she has raised several million dollars in early funding from Bruce Sachs at Charles River Ventures and filed to have the company's name, Jibo Inc.

But he removed the affiliation shortly after I started making inquiries about the company. Jibo has been talking to other local prospective employees with experience in launching consumer electronics, and my hunch is that the company will end up marketing a product for consumer use, as opposed to a bot for industrial applications.

Jibo's trademark application gives a bit of insight into what the company may be up to: Another bot from the Personal Robots group, Tofu, is pictured at left.

jibo business presentation ppt

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jibo business presentation ppt

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