Organised crime and terrorism

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Organised crime and terrorism

Investigators later determined, however, that the aircraft had been destroyed after its illicit cargo, estimated at between seven and 11 tons of cocaine had been offloaded. In Junein an action directly related to the above-mentioned aircraft, three individuals were arrested and charged with international trafficking in cocaine.

Data to confirm these connections are virtually nonexistent. Our research is based upon a close examination of the existing open literature and regional media, which often serves to give a voice to both the criminals and the terrorists.

We have quite consciously tried to shy away from the ongoing events in Libya and Mali except where they might shed light on our hypothesis.


The Sahel is a densely layered and intricately fragmented sub-region, and the criminals and terrorists who have chosen to operate there do so as participants in existing social, political and economic environments; they are not necessarily considered as exogenous actors nor are they necessarily seen as threats.

What we have tried to do is not examine in detail the criminal networks or the terrorist groups, but suggest their relationships are more complex than most observers posit.

Resorting to anti-terror tactics has led to an exaggerated response by U. Coexistence, Cooperation and Convergence of Terrorism, Organized Crime, and Crime The incident of the burned plane that had transported cocaine from South America to northern Mali might support the argument of potential cooperation between groups that coexist in this region.

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This position is espoused most vigorously, some argue to the point of conspiratorial paranoia Keenan The perceived success of AQIM has led to a continuing proliferation of AQ-branded groups that now operate across the region.

This phenomenon closely parallels the franchising of AQ around the globe. The international community has witnessed a proliferation of regional and sub-regional groups that declare they have pledged loyalty to AQ.

Drawing the necessary distinctions and differentiations allows the international community to put in place the necessary policies and prescriptions to deal with the matter, not only in the Sahel, but across the globe: By knowing your enemies, you can find out what it is they want.

Once you know what they want, you can decide whether to deny it to them and thereby demonstrate the futility of their tactics, give it to them or negotiate and give them a part of it in order to cause them to end their campaign.

By knowing your enemies, you can make an assessment not just of their motives but also their capabilities and of the caliber of their leaders and their organizations Richardson According to James R. Clapper, the United States Director of National Intelligence DNIthese increasing transnational organized crime entities and their links to international terrorism needed to be considered among the most pressing national security concerns of the United States.

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The DNI detailed specific areas of interaction that included: Terrorists and insurgents increasingly will turn to crime to generate funding and will acquire logistical support from criminals, in part because of successes by U.

In some instances, terrorists and insurgents prefer to conduct criminal activities themselves; when they cannot do so, they turn to outside individuals and facilitators… U. But is there a trend?

All the argumentation, either thematic or specific as in the Sahelappears to be based on anecdotal evidence and not the clear observation of clinical symptoms.

Organised crime and terrorism

Any supposed nexus must in such a case be seen as blurred, conceptually and in reality.The FBI is dedicated to eliminating transnational organized crime groups that pose the greatest threat to the national and economic security of the United States.

terrorism-related funding and. Terrorism is linked to organized crime, but has political aims rather than solely financial ones, so there is overlap but separation between terrorism and organized crime.

Nineteenth century [ edit ] During the Victorian era, criminals and gangs started to form organizations which would be collectively become London's criminal underworld.

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[]. This paper has attempted to demonstrate the link between terrorism and organized crime and crime using the Sahel region in North Africa as an example.

The terrorist-criminal connection in the Sahel demonstrates, we believe, that there is a symbiotic relationship between these groups. Organized crime and terrorist groups are converging, raising the stakes for transnational crime rings and opportunities for damaging cyberattacks. Terrorism and Organised Crime Terrorism and organised crime are among the leading global threats of our times.

The last 10 years have seen an unprecedented growth in global terrorist networks and transnational criminal organisations. Organized crime and terrorist groups are converging, raising the stakes for transnational crime rings and opportunities for damaging cyberattacks.