Write a short note on desktop computer

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Write a short note on desktop computer

Editorial Staff6 JunCategory: Modem stands for modulation and demodulation.

Short note on history of computer

Modem is device that converts digital signal into analog and analog signal into digital. Modem sends and received data from one computer to another through telephone lines. The sending and receiving computers both must have modems.

The process of converting digital signal into analog signal is called modulation computer store data in digital form. Since a modem transmits data using telephone lines.

So it is converted from digital to analog from. The process of converting analog signal into digital signal is called demodulation. The modem on receiving computer receives data in analog form. The incoming analog data id converted back into digital format to be used by computer.

Features of Modem Some important features of modem are as follows: Typically modem speeds are bps to 56bps. Modem can teat the digital connection with computer. It can also test analog connection with remote modem.

Modem provides the facility of voice conversation while data is being transmitted. Both the source and destination modems should have this feature. Modem use different methods to control errors for transmitted data.

write a short note on desktop computer

What are different types of modems? Different types of modems in terms of physical size and shape are as follows: External Modem External modem is attached to the system unit as an external device through telephone line.

It is connected to the telephone wall jack by another cable. It requires external power supply.

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It is easy to setup. External modem is expensive. Internal Modem Internal modem is a circuit board that is inserted into an expansion slot on the motherboard. Internal modem cannot be moved from one computer to anther easily. It is difficult to setup than other types of modem.

write a short note on desktop computer

It is less expensive than external modem. Wireless Modem Wireless modem transmits the data signals through air instead of cable. It also known as radio-frequency modem.

It is designed to work with cellular technology and wireless local area networks.Write short note on computer system and management? At its most basic level, programming a computer simply means telling it what to do, and this vapid-sounding definition is not even a joke.

Oct 03,  · Computer turning off after short periods of time (less than a minute). Help? When I am online why does my computer keep showing a note on screen saying low virtual memory??Status: Resolved. Jun 15,  · What is the best program on computer to write a story?

i want to write a story, so what is the best program on my compute to do this This thread is locked.

Steps to create Sticky Note shortcut on Windows 10 desktop:

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience) since Ken Blake. A few programmers write programs in the computer's own language called machine code.

Most programs are written using a programming language like C++, Java, and Fortran. These programming languages are more like the language with which one talks and writes every day.

A "desktop computer" is a small machine that has a screen (which is not. Write a short note on a modal of digital computer and its function? Digital Computers A digital computer is designed to process data in numerical form (see digital circuit); its circuits perform directly the mathematical operations of additi on, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

How do I write notes on computer like I'm writing on a paper? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 1 Answer. Write a note on revenue courts? How do I write quick notes? I write songs typing on my computer. Is that bad? Is writing on paper better? Jan 15,  · Write short notes on: a) Mainframe computer, b) Minicomputer a) Mainframe computer: Mainframe computers are very large computers with a very high capacity of storage. It is a high performance computer used for large scale computing purposes that require greater availability and security than a smaller scale machine. Simplest way is to use a Surface Pro 2 or 3 or similar; their Wacom or N-Trig digitizers provide a lot of control for writing albeit with a special stylus and on a touchscreen. Presuming that you really, really, really want a paper feel, try a Fly Pen.

A desktop computer is a personal computer (PC) in a form intended for regular use at a single location, as opposed to a mobile laptop or portable computer. Desktop and tower computers are two different styles of computer case that use desk space in varying ways.

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