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Makings - Basketmaking In the spring of Monica Guilera and Tim Johnson initiated a year long community research project first blogged here: Flexible dividers of space creating shade, privacy and deterring insects from entering your home - Cortines are common features of many Mediterranean homes, shops and restaurants, a 'soft barrier' these diverse and decorative functional wares were once hand made with a variety of local natural materials - rush stems, Oleander bark, cork, grass seed beads, string netted, crocheted and knotted. Today they are manufactured in plastic ribbons and metal chains - it seems at some point we willingly gave up the opportunity for domestic creativity for the sake of convenience.

Write about artist fern

Every part of the tree has been designed -- presumably by Mother Nature while she was dating Satan to piss off her parents -- to kill humans in the most horrifying ways possible.


You don't get it. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Officially dubbed the "most dangerous tree" by Guinness World Records, the slightest bit of contact with manchineel's sap leaves its victims covered in blisters, and can even render one blind if it gets in their eyes.

And that's just the sap. It's delicious-looking, tiny apple-like fruits can cause excruciatingly painful oral swelling, enlargement of the lymph nodes, bleeding in the throat, problems with breathing, and even death. In addition, standing underneath the tree while it's raining can be enough to make you break out in blisters.

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And if you try to burn it, the tree will produce toxic smoke that causes blindness. That sign seems awfully close to the tree. There are even accounts that Ponce de Leon was killed by an arrow poisoned with the sap of a manchineel while searching for the Fountain of Youth.

In conclusion, this plant could not be a bigger "Fuck you" to humans even if it literally grew into the shape of a giant hand with an extended middle finger.

The Puya is basically a real-life version of the carnivorous monster plant from Little Shop Of Horrors. Only it's way more horrifying, because unlike Audrey II, this mean green mother from Chile is patient.

That is, if you have the time. And once they are entangled in the organic barbwire, there is no getting out of it. The trapped animal will remain at the foot of the Puya, slowly dying of thirst and hunger, until it finally croaks and starts decomposing. Then, the flower will absorb all of the nutrients that seeped into the ground, like Clive Barker's fertilizer.

If plants could talk, this one would only make creepy sexual "Mmmmmm" sounds. Continue Reading Below Advertisement There are even tales of the Puya trapping sheep, whose wool gets so easily entangled in the plant's spiky spines.

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Whether that's true or not remains to be confirmed if so, no one has apparently ever photographed itbut it does sound plausible enough for us to call The Royal Horticultural Society a bunch of idiots sorry, "wankers" for introducing a Puya chilensis to a glasshouse in England.

Animal rights groups can relax, though; the plant is being fed a liquid fertilizer which should keep its carnivorous appetite at bayThe Marriage Game [Fern Michaels, Laural Merlington] on grupobittia.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Samantha Rainford - newly wed to Douglas Cosmo Rainford III - returns home from her honeymoon to find divorce papers waiting.

Shop for ferns art from the world's greatest living artists.

write about artist fern

All ferns artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a day money-back guarantee. Abstract Fern Watercolor Art Print Painting. Joanna Szmerdt. $ Art Print. View Similar Art. Detail Of Asian Rain Forest Ferns. Keywords Title Artist Name Title + Artist Name Keyword + Artist.

kafka4prez/Wiki Commons.

write about artist fern

This devious plant has achieved something usually only reserved for B-list comic book supervillains: It's capable of commanding swarms of grupobittia.com bullhorn acacia provides shelter and nutrient-packed nectar to stinging ants in exchange for their protection, but with a catch.

Whether you’re pursuing the publication of your first book or your fifth, use the Small Presses database to research potential publishers, including submission guidelines, .

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Let’s get started! Woodland Fern Watercolor Clip Art. by SkandiaDesignStudio in Graphics Illustrations The Woodland Fern—Hand Painted Original Clip Art Illustrations by Skandia Design Studio. Woodland ferns — a watercolor clip art set.

The wildflowers had started sprouting in the woodland and I was looking to capture the likeness of some trout lilies.

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